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You have a story to tell. I delight in bringing to market the most polished, unputdownable version of your story. Editing is my passion.

Hi, I’m Michelle Morgan. I founded in 2013 after 8 years of freelance writing, critiquing, and editing fiction. Since then, I have collaborated with more than 100 authors to edit and critique hundreds of romance novels and other books. Whether your hero is sweet, sinful, or mystifying, together we'll make your readers blush and swoon—and come back for more. I'd love to be the advocate who helps launch your first romantic novel, or, if you already have an established brand but lack a true editing partner, I'm your gal.

Completing a manuscript is an accomplishment you should feel proud of, whether it's your first book or your twentieth. You worked hard and you love your story. Let's make sure your readers love it, too. Not writing a romance novel? Each year I select a  handful of projects in other genres, especially women's fiction, sci-fi/fantasy, and memoir.

Featured New Release

Rewriting the rules could be the best—or worst—thing that ever happened to them…

Adler Haley writes great sex…just not under her name. And certainly not about her experiences—or lack thereof.

There’s no safer place to express herself than behind the obscurity of ghostwriting romance novels. By day, Adler’s perfectly content to blend in at her boring nine-to-five as an executive assistant.

At least until she meets Joel—her new boss who has her wondering if love at first sight is more than just fiction.

Armed with her friends' Rules for Survival, a clever set of guidelines designed to keep their friendship fun and fun only, Adler and Joel find themselves whisked into the most entertaining "situationship" of their lives.

But it’s not long before Adler discovers a major issue with the rules—they weren’t meant to protect her from falling in love.

They were only ever meant to keep Joel from finding out.

Need a romance novel editor?

When readers purchase your book, they’re hoping for a good story. They expect you’ll take them on a journey they can lose themselves in, with well-drawn, dynamic characters they’ll fall in love with. Whether your romance is steamy or sweet, fantastical or comedic, your readers want an adventure. They want to feel. They might even hope to learn something. Your job is to not disappoint—or better, to blow them away. It is that brand of satisfaction that earns the five-star reviews, the five-figure (and greater) incomes, and loyal fans eagerly waiting for what comes next.

The quality of your latest book is the best marketing for your next book. So how do you know if you’ve written a quality book? A professional book editor is plugged in to the industry daily. She knows what readers are buying nowand errors don’t sell. Her eagle eye catches mistakes, large and small, that could ruin the moment and pull the reader out of the story. Typos are jarring and unprofessional. Story-level inconsistencies sound alarms in readers’ minds. An amateur love story won’t elicit the yearning in readers that compels them to turn pages. Paired with forgettable writing, it won’t sell.

I like to approach a writer’s endeavor for what it is: your business, as well as your art. An investment in quality romance novel editing is for you, the writer who’s gotten this far and isn’t about to stop already. It’s for your characters, the ones who keep you up at night, urging you to pen their stories. Most importantly, it’s for your readersthose persnickety creatures who buy your books, sustaining you, trusting you’ll deliver a powerful story.

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Romance Author Testimonials

“Michelle was an amazing editor to work with. She was very thorough and sent me revisions as she went, so I was able to revise my work along the way. She was an awesome cheerleader and encouraged me with insightful, uplifting comments and suggestions. My work is 1000 times better having had Michelle’s eyes on it!” Abigail Carter | Remember the Moon: A Novel

  • Abigail Carter

“Michelle doesn't destroy a writer's voice but wraps it in a snugly blanket of correct punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, realistic dialogue, great suggestions of development of scene and characterization, and finding a balance between doing everything right (which can be boring) and knowing why you're doing something your own way (which can liven up a story).” Jules Dixon | Triple R Series

  • Jules Dixon

“Michelle has a sharp eye for small details without losing sight of the larger story. She works hard to provide the highest quality feedback. Her critiques were instrumental to my growth and development as a writer and to being published. Besides all that though, Michelle is simply a pleasure to work with.” Rachel Cross | Rock Her

  • Rachel Cross

We lose ourselves in books. We find ourselves there too.

Michelle Morgan offers a publishing-house quality service with a personal touch, so you’ll #LoveYourManuscript.