Understanding the Author-Editor Relationship: How to find a fantastic editor—and keep her!

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It’s a recurring theme throughout all of my posts, and something you will hear time and again during your journey from first draft to published piece: the process of finding a great editor (that is, the right editor for you) should not be taken lightly. It’s important that she not only be skilled—educated, experienced, and continually fine-tuning her craft—but that … Read More

Tips for Self-Published Authors

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I typically encourage skilled authors with engaging, timely stories to seek representation for their novels in order to publish the traditional way. Getting a reputable press to publish your work likely means lower costs for you, larger audiences, and greater earnings from your books. Sometimes, though, traditional publishing just isn’t meant to be and the author must recognize that self-publishing … Read More

How to Query Literary Agents

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1. Know your market. Writing is, first and foremost, an art—but when you start talking about “selling” and “distributing” your books (ie: publishing), you must start thinking like a businessperson. Decide who will want to read your work, and market your book accordingly. Is it a romance novel? Mention the love interest in the book blurb. Is it an epic … Read More

Common Questions for Fiction Book Editors

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At the risk of re-hashing some of the same information from my earlier blogs, I thought it would be helpful to answer a few of the most common questions I get asked as a fiction book editor. Here’s a quick “FAQ” for your easy reference. If you find this list helpful or you have additional questions, leave a comment or send … Read More

How much should you pay for a fiction book editor?

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Actual prices for professional editing services found on the Internet and fair, industry-standard prices may vary wildly. If you’ve been shopping around for an editor lately, you might be feeling a little bit lost—and justifiably so. One editor may offer her services for just fifty bucks to edit your entire manuscript, while another editor’s prices could be as high as … Read More