Why do you write?

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We watched “Passengers” last night. The basic premise: a man (Chris Pratt) wakes up 90 years too soon from a 120-year nap while on an interstellar “vacation” to colonize a new planet. He falls in love with a sleeping woman (Jennifer Lawrence) and, in his loneliness, must decide if he should wake her or not. Doing so is essentially murder. … Read More

Granting an Exclusive Read to a Literary Agent

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You’ve written an engaging and tightly crafted novel, self-edited and enlisted beta readers, then hired a professional editor to prepare your manuscript for the querying process. You’ve worked hard, studied hard, and made some tough decisions about your story. You’re serious about becoming a traditionally published, professional author. And now you’re almost there! These are the writers who often get caught … Read More

Thomas Kunkel talks writing, editing at DFWCon

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The morning before the DFW Writers Conference officially blasted through the Fort Worth Convention Center, a small group met in a chilly corner room on the third floor of the building to discuss writing with impact, ruthless editing, and the power of reading. The talk was led by Thomas Kunkel, an accomplished journalist, multi-published author of narrative nonfiction, and current … Read More

Carmen Goldthwaite: Texas Storyteller

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Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of meeting Carmen Goldthwaite as she addressed a small group of editors in Irving, Texas, but her talk did not focus on writing mechanics, her process, or the author/editor relationship. Instead, Carmen spoke primarily of the women she has researched and written about, exuding passion and enthusiasm for these women—her characters—as she told … Read More