“Wandering” body parts?

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Have your beta readers complained of “wandering” body parts in your manuscript? Do you have brows that furrow, eyes that dart, lips that purse, and legs walking independently of bodies? I’ve heard this complaint more and more lately, and it makes me wonder when and how the “rule” came to be that characters are always “in charge” of their bodies. … Read More

A plane. The muse. My baby.

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Hello writers, editors, and friends! This post isn’t editing related, except that I got a little of that done on the flight. And, it’s late. But what are summers for if not vacations and writing and reading for pleasure? This is me. Thanks for reading. <3 — To Luke, I’m on my 16th flight since you were born. 15 of … Read More

Should you avoid “-ing” verbs?

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I love when my writers tell me they’re studying the craft. I almost always dislike the results of their study. It’s a great thing, especially as an amateur writer, to learn the “rules”; it’s a much better thing to learn why those rules exist – and to then feel confident about breaking them. Exhibit A: A talented client of mine … Read More

The Power of Words

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I have these little snapshot memories: my weird collection of encyclopedias at age 5; my very first American Girl book at age 6—the first “real” book I could read all by myself; my journal of words at age 7. I was nicknamed “The Dictionary” in fifth grade, then learned a little Spanish and French in high school before becoming fluent … Read More

So. Much. Gratitude.

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There’s a lot to be thankful for when you work as a freelance book editor. Especially when it’s your company. I get to work from home and call the shots, decide where and when and how much I work in between chasing around my 15-month-old, cooking and cleaning and writing my own stuff. “I do what I want” rings true … Read More