What does a book editor do? Part 2

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What does a book editor do? Part 2 What kind of editing do I need? Every manuscript needs an evaluation before it’s published, whether that feedback comes from beta readers, a professional book editor, or both. The first comment you receive should not be in the form of an Amazon review for the world to see. Some level of editing … Read More

What does a book editor do? Part 1

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What does a book editor do? Part 1 Put simply, a book editor’s job is to critique, correct, and enhance an author’s manuscript. A good editor finds enjoyment in your genre and has experience in that genre. She loves a good story, appreciates the power of words, and has the skill and passion needed to propel you toward success. A … Read More

Never Lose Your Manuscript (Again)

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Never Lose Your Manuscript (Again) Disclaimer: This post includes lots of plugs for Morgan Systems (Jeremy’s IT company in Dallas). I don’t intend to “sell you” IT; this is not the forum for that and unless you live in the Dallas area, there’s little he can do for you anyway. The content and links are meant to help you make … Read More

A Few Practical Self-Editing Tips

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A Few Practical Self-Editing Tips Editors love it when their authors do at least a little self-editing before submitting a manuscript to them. Self-editing saves time and money, helps make you a better writer, and shows book editors that you value your work—which, in turn, makes them value your work. Successful authors, whether self-published or traditional, do not skip this … Read More

Hey there, I’m back!

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Where have you been? Hello, writers! It’s been a while. I am returning from my second consecutive maternity leave, and now that my littles have started preschool, I don’t plan on being away again for quite some time. 😊 Some of you have continued to give me a bit of work, and others of you—many of you—have become more like … Read More