Nothing ignites my passion for editing like working on my own fiction. I published my first novel in 2014, originally as Michelle Josette. Alongside Jeremy Morgan—fellow writer, IT genius, and my real-life hero—I spent the next four years growing our two small businesses and starting a family. The muse took a back seat but never left. As of June 2018, I’ve been writing—a lot! I’m excited to share Work in Progress (Summer 2019) and No Turning Back (early 2020).

After Henry

NO TURNING BACK | A Romance Novella | Fall 2019

36-year-old chiropractor Cara Mann was doing just fine running her own practice and raising her young daughter—alone. When she hires Jack Dennis—the nerdy kid she used to babysit—for computer help in her office, he’s nothing like she remembers. But he certainly hasn’t forgotten her. Even if Cara can accept the help and support Jack is eager to offer, can she learn to love a much younger man?

No Turning Back will publish first as part of a romance anthology. It will re-release as a standalone in 2020, with a bit of added content.

Can’t wait to read a sample? I posted a free chapter here. 🙂

After Henry

WORK IN PROGRESS | A Romance Novel | Summer 2019

Publishing-house receptionist and aspiring writer Lindsey Deal spent her days dodging bullets: one insufferable boss, one sinister-looking spider, and, most daunting, a certain romance novel-in-progress that screamed to be finished. The first two were easy enough. The third required…inspiration.

Enter: Rian Harper. Mysterious. Cool. Sexy as sin. The rule-breaking, covered-in-tattoos musician may be just the motivation Lindsey needs to finish her manuscript—and test the limits of her comfort zone. But he’s too old for her. Too afraid to open up. Too much her new boss.

Single dad, brooding artist, corrupter of women. What Rian Harper needs is a business partner, maybe a creative partner. Someone who can have his back. He doesn’t need her tempting him to fall in love. It could ruin them both—especially when the too-sweet, too-pure, too-young woman discovers his longest-held secret.

After Henry

AFTER HENRY | A Love Story | Fall 2014

Emma Jenkins can’t remember the day her father died.

When tragedy gripped the nation, it hit home for Emma. Forced to flee Manhattan, leaving behind her dreams and childhood, Emma found a way to steady her life, to build around the gaping hole.

Now, after three years, she returns to New York to begin a new future—and face her past. But when the memories come back, she is confronted with lies she was forced to believe. Will Emma accept her memories as truth…or find a way to erase them for good?

Told with both compassion and candor, After Henry is a provocative story about a girl who finds love, and then finds love again.


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