Hey there, I’m back!

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Where have you been?

Hello, writers! It’s been a while. I am returning from my second consecutive maternity leave, and now that my littles have started preschool, I don’t plan on being away again for quite some time. 😊 Some of you have continued to give me a bit of work, and others of you—many of you—have become more like a friend than a client. I have so much gratitude for all of you writers who keep coming back to me with your books, who refer your author friends to me and my team, and for the new authors who have trusted me with your work. Although I’m still limiting the number of projects I accept at one time, I am now back and ready to help you tackle your projects!

For those who are new, here are some answers to your common questions. You can also email me at michelle@mjbookeditor.com to start a conversation.

What will an editor do with my manuscript?

Book editors partner with authors to ensure your writing is clear, engaging, and error free. My personal goal is to help you say what you mean and mean what you say with an editing style that champions your work without altering your voice, or worse, your intended meaning. My book edit is not akin to ghostwriting, nor is it a glorified proofread. I and my team go a step further, engaging in the story with non-intrusive editing that helps bring out the best in your own writing. You’ll never wonder what we think of your story and its characters.

For a visual representation of my personal editing philosophy and the techniques I use, check out this video.

How much does book editing cost?

A professional book edit can cost between 500 and a few thousand dollars, depending on the level of editing required and the skill of your editor. Some book editors charge by the hour, a perfectly viable model. We find it easier to set flat prices so there are no surprises for the author. A traditional edit includes line editing and copy editing. A premium edit goes a few steps further, with more substantive line editing, copy editing, and developmental (structural) feedback. Proofreading is performed after the manuscript has been edited and formatted (“laid out”) for print and/or digital production. Visit our services page for current pricing.

The Editorial Freelancers Association keeps an updated chart with common editorial rates. We stay very competitive with these prices.

Authors may pay for our editing services by PayPal or check. All payments must clear before the edited work can be delivered.

Will you edit my book?

We edit nearly any genre, fiction and non-fiction, from blog posts to full-length novels. Our small team works closely with one another, and you can choose to work with the same editor for all of your writing. As the managing editor, I (Michelle) will be your main point of contact, although I partner closely with Stephany on many projects. As of this writing, we are accepting new clients and returning authors.

We don’t edit offensive material, medical advice delivered by non-qualified writers, or manuscripts longer than 125,000 words.

Ready for a professional edit? Email me directly at michelle@mjbookeditor.com, and let’s get started!

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