Editorial Services

I offer a collaborative edit.

I assist authors at any stage in their publishing journey. Maybe your outline needs a critique; I can help you brainstorm ideas, flesh out your characters, and navigate the challenges of completing your story. Chapter-by-chapter coaching ensures you make solid decisions from the beginning, saving time and headaches later. Avoid frustrating mistakes and instead lean on my firm understanding of storytelling techniques that sell, of what makes good writing good, and my wealth of resources and support to help you finish and publish your manuscript.

When penning a first draft, your objective is telling the story to yourself. From there, we can decide together on the scope of editing needed: from light copyediting to intensive structural editing or a hybrid of services in between. I aim to transform so-so stories into polished, unputdownable novels. This is accomplished through careful editing and a thoughtful, consistent, keen attention to detail—from the nature of your characters to the nature of your commas. I have fine-tuned my techniques to enhance your novel, exposing missed opportunities and your own gems that are often buried.

You deserve a personalized edit that enriches your story and engages your readers—not an edit that feels rushed or incomplete, invades your individual style, or worse, changes your message. Always maintain your artistic integrity. Know the “rules” of modern fiction, and know when to break them. Writing is a lonely endeavor. Editing is a necessary, creative, rewarding challenge that calls for a true collaborative partner.

My services are tailored to fit your needs. They include:

Author Coaching

Rate: $70/hour

Minimum 5 hours

Let’s collaborate via Zoom/phone calls and correspondence.

The scope of book coaching often includes, as needed: full manuscript evaluations, chapter-by-chapter critiques, brainstorming sessions to hash out ideas and wrestle problems, hands-on tutoring and mini workshops, outline and blurb critiques, the how-to resources and publishing insights specific to helping you achieve your goals, and if possible, face-to-face meetings in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. With enduring warmth, knowledge, and passion, I will support and guide your efforts from any place in your writing journey.

Book Editing

A detailed 2-page editorial report is included with book editing services. Two 60-minute Zoom/phone calls are also included. 

Traditional Editing: 0.05 per word

Includes two passes: developmental editing followed by copy + line editing.

Minimum $2000

Substantive Editing: 0.06 per word

Includes two passes: developmental editing followed by substantive copy + line editing.

Minimum $2400

Proofreading: 0.02 per word

Minimum $800

Can be performed by a trusted partner after editing is complete.

Poems, Shorts, and Children’s Stories

Minimum $349

Includes editing your author bio and story blurb.

Editorial Reviews

Available to coaching and editing clients. Click here for details.

We lose ourselves in books. We find ourselves there too.

Michelle Morgan offers a publishing-house quality service with a personal touch, so you’ll #LoveYourManuscript.