Time Management Tips for Serious Authors

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Time Management Tips for Serious Authors “We all have the same 24 hours.” Sort of. Many writers are also primary caregivers to young children or older parents. Others face mental or physical limitations. Authors with anxiety or OCD may take longer to begin a priority task. Some of us simply need more sleep than others in order to function as … Read More

Marketing Your Romance Novel: Write a blurb that sells your book

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Five Ways to Write a Blurb that Sells Your Book  Before we dive in, consider these reasons why readers buy books: They’ve read other books by the same author and trust he/she will deliver another awesome story The cover caught their attention The blurb—or story description—compelled them to read more They read the first few pages (the “Look inside”) and … Read More

Marketing Your Romance Novel: Sex sells, but…

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Welcome, romance writers! My, how things can change in a year. As a community we have learned so much. Above all, we’ve learned to adapt. We watched #MeToo and #CockyGate blow up the internet. We rallied together and fought to defend our voices—and we won. Some of us survived scathing book reviews; the best of us learned not to react … Read More